Fire In The Sky Screen Saver

Fire In The Sky Screen Saver 1.1

Nice photos of clouds, sunsets and other nice images of the sky
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Gianpaolo Bottin is a software engineer and photographer who offers many free screensavers made with his own photos through his website. In this one, he features a collection of photos of clouds touched by the sunlight. Although some of the shots are repetitive since they were taken apparently one after another on the same subject, in general the quality of the collection is very good. Indeed, there are a couple of really outstanding images that make the entire collection worth to get.
Although the screensaver itself is very basic (it does not have a sound or music background and its transition effects are average), it does have a control panel that allows you to customize several of its features. For example, you can enable or disable the transition effects, show or hide the system's clock, set the time you want the images to appear on screen, and manage the speed of the transition effects. In addition, the program allows you to set the last viewed image as your default wallpaper. You can set the method for exiting the program (mouse click or movement, keystroke or ESC key). If you like well-taken photos and want to add a collection of them to your desktop, then you may want to try this program.

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  • Free
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  • No sound or music effects
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